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Customer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our loyal customers have had to say about us.

Ek wil baie hartlik dankie sê vir die goeie en vriendelike diens wat ek van Halt ontvang. Ek het die naweek n probleem met my battery gehad en daar was onmiddellik reaksie om die probleem te ondersoek.

Sondagaand toe ek tuis kom, het ek gemerk die alarm is nie geaktiveer nie. Ek was skrikkerig om in die huis te gaan, maar na een kort oproep het die dame dadelik aangebied om iemand uit te stuur. Binne 10minute was die meneer hier ( ongelukkig nie sy naam gevra nie). Hy het voorgestap en eers die hele huis deurgestap en daarna op die oprit gewag tot die deur toe was.

Ek ervaar die dames wat die telefoon beman altyd vriendelik en behulpsaam . Dit boesem vertroue in.

Nadat ek vroeër probleme met mnr Conradie bespreek het,  het ek goeie terugvoer ontvang. Baie dankie daarvoor. Dinge verloop nou glad met die “armed response”.

Ons as kliënte is gou om te kla as ons n probleem ondervind. Ek wil dus graag net ook dankie sê vir goeie diens.

Krista Loubser

Best Security Company In The Northern Suburbs

Sean Cederquist

Halt Durbanville…You guys ROCK… Super fast alert service… Grootfontein Farm Klipheuwel Road…

Freedom Stables

Thank you for good service. There is one exception of excellent service:
Mr. Horton is not only doing a good job, but he really cares about people and takes pride in his job. He is one in a million and is worth more than a million. I pray that he may never leave our area. He makes it a pleasure to have HALT Security as our service provider. May God send us more of his quality? Keep up the good work.

Louis Meyer

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Halt Security for helping me today (late on 21st January) when I got lost. I dropped my son off on the R300 & tried to come home on the road where Aandrag & Brights Electrical is. I ended up on a dark road in Brackenfell sector 2 in a strange area terrified & not knowing where to go.
I phoned my Halt Security Company who arranged that Clinton come to rescue me. By that stage my battery was flat & he had to jump start my car. THANKS CLINTON for all your effort and for helping me and guiding me to a road that I could find my way home again.
I appreciated your assistance greatly. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU HALT for always being on standby.


I found it necessary to type an email with regards to the events I went through with the company ‘Halt Security’. Tonight we had highly suspicious activity with a gentleman who had parked at the bottom of our private property that was meeting random cars and exchanging odd goods and thereafter driving up our private road after 1 am.
We close business from 10pm so this was rather odd and made myself and 7+ other colleagues uneasy.
I reported this to the Halts security line as well as contacted the police.
Colleagues and myself had told this man he needs to leave as we are closed. He sped past us and continued up hill towards our closed venue.
We all drove to the bottom and within 5 minutes of a phone call I was met with a member from Halt. I have never in my life been greeted and assisted with such respect.
Once the suspicious vehicle finally made it to the bottom of our private property the Halt gentleman approach him to speak with him thereafter he said that the man is definitely under the influence and we need to contact the police.
The same Halt gentleman called for other members to assist him as this suspect was trying to reverse and escape.
Once again within 5 minutes an additional 3 cars met us.
We called the police and waited almost three hours for their arrival.
Needless to say I would love to say thank you for the absolute fantastic services that your members and security officers provide, it is outstanding.
I went from being incredibly scared this evening to feeling protected and in control.
I will most definitely recommend this company to every person I know.
As for the men who’s names I unfortunately did not get this evening, your services are very much appreciated and I thank you for your hard work in making this community as safer place.
Thank You!

Taylour Parker

Good Day
I live in Boston and I am not a client of yours but I would like to thank Halt Security, Mr. Lee (HALT OFFICER) from your company who knocked on my door last night, to inform me of my vehicle inside light being on, I am sure if I left it on, my car battery would have been flat this morning, so thank to Mr. Lee (Halt Officer) for informing me. Please forward me an application to sign up for Armed Response as soon as possible.

Altus van Niekerk

I would like to thank HALT Security, and more specifically Frans and the other Gentlemen mentioned in the attachment, for their outstanding and efficient service on Friday evening at 5 Tulip Street.
Halt reacted immediately upon the Panic Button being pressed and removed the unwanted person from my premises.
Also, without asking, they did visits at my house through- out the night.
Frans also revisited my premises the day after to enquire if all the problems were solved and if he could be of further assistance. (once again without me requested that this be done.)
I would like to recommend HALT to any home owner and more specifically would like to point out the service excellence which I received from the gentlemen, specifically Frans.
Thank you once again.

Your intervention made us all calm and gave us total peace of mind.

Pieter De Swardt

Halt is really interactive with their customers. Always smiling and being friendly and always make sure when they leave your premises that everything is safe and sound, even with arrival they ask about 3 times if you are sure that everything is fine. Great job guys, you guys are way better that my previous armed response.

Xander Nel

A first class armed response service as well as great technical abilities. Nice work.

Adrian Hanekom

Halt is a 5 star security company. In 2015 the family went on holiday, my daughter stayed home due to work. During the period we were away the security was breached a number of times due to all the neighbors being away. Every breach was thoroughly investigated by Halt to the extent that the placed a car outside our property in Aurora to give my daughter comfort over this scary experience, which company would go the extra mile? My son and his fiancé house is services by another company in Durbanville if they have a breach there, very seldom does a follow up or even an acknowledgement by telephone take place… my vote to Halt.

Eric Ettisch

Ek vertrou dat u die regte persoon is om my dankbaarheid te betuig vir die wyse waarop HALT SEKURITEIT na ons belange omsien.Daar is vele mense in julle diens en wil daarom nie een van die personeel uitlaat wat so getrou elke dag hulle taak verrig en dit met oorgawe doen.n Spesiale dank aan Antoinette,Veronica,Juan en die personeel wat so getrou reageer op die alarm aktiveering asook die tegnici wat altyd vriendlik en hulpvaardig is.
Graag wil ek onder u aandag bring dat Marno wat huidiglik op nagskof is n wonderlike voorbeeld is van n Barmhartige Samiritaan,omdat hy sonder uitsondering elke nag sy rondte doen en seker maak dat alles wel is by ons huis en n briefie los sonder uitsondering.Dit sal werklik hoog op prys gestel word indien U hom kan komplimenteer en hom verseker dat ons uit ons pad sal gaan om hom(hulle) dit sluit al die ander personeel wat patroleer oa.Jeandre en die res op ons hande dra.Hulle is die beskermings Engele in ons lewe.
Ook n groot dankie vir die bestuurs lede van HALT.Julle diens is puik en ons adverteer graag aan almal dat julle No.1 is,en die beste!!!!!!!
Nogmaals Baie Dankie.

Mr and Mrs Ehrke

I would like to share with you my personal experiences with regards to the services supplied by your Company. My Home and business are contracted to Halt Alarms for both Security and Alarm Response services.
The following are important to me as a customer:
Business Testimonial
During the months of November and December 2014 we experience a high rate of alarm calls. As a result halt verified all the electronics and found all systems to be in perfect order, but still the alarm calls kept on. Sometimes the alarm would go off 2 – 3 times in one single night and every time Halt Security would send a response unit to verify the incident and update me with details thereafter. The loyalty and dedication of your workforce during this difficult time, is something very unique and special to me as a client. There are very few Companies in existence in Cape Town that can claim this type of royal service as experienced by us. Although we have found the origin of the problem to be internal, I would sincerely recommend any business operation to contact Halt Alarms.
Personal Testimonial
During the night of July the 10th 2015, I was contacted by the response unit of Halt Alarms to notify me of a positive break – in at my home in Durbanville. There was no one at the residence at the time of the incident, so I was quite nervous when I parked in front of the house. 2 x Response units of Halt Security immediately came up to me and try to calm me down. They escorted me throughout this terrible experience, as I found the inside of the home to be in total shambles with broken window glass and clothing all over. As the Police left I realize that the residence was now totally unprotected and open for anybody to enter. A security guard was already arranged and on standby should I need the protection. Now those little things are the difference between a normal security operation and a passionate organization that really cares.

Ian de Waal

I am a client of Halt and live in protea valley. I would like to say thanks to you and your team for ensuring the security of the area. Especially I want to say big thanks to Leon, one of the guy’s patrols in our area. Last Sunday, I was working in the garden, and my dog ran off without been noticed, until Mr Leon came to ask if my dog was missing. Apparently my dog went a bit far from home and was found by another lady. And luckily Leon saw the dog and came to tell me.
I really appreciate it. If it wasn’t him in the area, my dog could have gone missing. Thanks so much to him and Halt. Well done!

Ning Ma

I just need to write you and thank Halt for the service you deliver!
I called your control room last Sunday Morning at 00h30 and asked if there is any possible way a security guard can be placed at a complex in Durbanville where the perimeter wall was driven into and open to all sort of elements.
Even though a guard could not be arranged (which I know was next to impossible) the very friendly lady arranged for the armed response team to patrol the area and keep an eye out. We are not even a client of Halt’s and yet she went out of her way to assist me and even phoned me back with feedback. twice! Unfortunately, I do not remember the names as I spoke to 2 ladies. Please convey the message to the control room staff.

Thank you so very much for this type of service we can trust on and feel secured in an emergency.

Nicole Slabbert

By far the best Armed Response Company in Durbanville. Thank you for always being willing to go the extra mile, we couldn’t ask for a better unit to keep our family safe.

Nicole Retief


On Wednesday evening 10 February 2016 I attended a function at the Durbanville Library with a number of other people mainly elderly and an number of women who were there by themselves. After the function when everyone was leaving we were being harassed by an individual. This individual was really pushy and would not leave the library parking area.

I phoned the DCI Control Room for assistance with this matter. Herewith my experience:

  • The controller on duty was friendly and professional.
  • He took down all the details and confirmed that he would get someone there to sort out the problem.
  • Within a few minutes a security officer from Halt Security was at the library.
  • The Halt security officer was polite and professional.
  • He remained at the library until all the people attending the function had left.

I commend the DCI controller and the Halt security officer for the way they handled the situation. These gentlemen are a credit to the organizations they represent and must be recognized for their professional manner in the way they responded to my call.

Peter Churchill

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