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About Halt Security

Halt Security was founded in 2001 by Frans Kotze, who, prior to this, had spent a total of 27 years in the security industry. From our base in Durbanville, Halt Security has become one of the leading service providers in the security industry. This has been achieved through hard work, perseverance and consistently keeping one thing in mind: The safety and needs of our client.

We have been keeping families safe and secure within the area for over 15 years. We offer our clients the convenience of a complete security solution under one roof, including state-of-the-art security equipment and a range of security services to suit your unique requirements.

Why Choose Halt Security?

  • Halt Security is a family-based business operated by trained professionals with years of experience within the industry.
  • There is no fixed agreement and you have 30 days to cancel your month-to-month contract with us.
  • Halt Security is a SAIDSA approved Armed Response service provider and an accredited member of PSIRA.
  • All Armed Response officers are licensed, accredited and checked through PSIRA.
  • We focus on Durbanville and its surrounds and have dedicated armed response vehicles in various areas to ensure rapid response times.
  • All clients are entitled to call in and request that an armed response officer escorts you into your home to make sure that it is safe.
  • We offer free radio installations on any link-ups with us.
  • Once you have linked up with us our armed response officer will come to meet and greet you.
  • Each of our dedicated vehicles has a cellphone that you can directly contact to report any suspicious behaviour or if you need to be escorted.
  • We do fire patrols in dedicated areas to accelerate our response times.

Our Staff

We understand that your opinion of us is largely determined by the standard of our employees’ work ethic and the image that they portray. We have a strict recruitment programme in place when selecting our staff to watch over you. We also do ongoing training to make sure that all armed response officers are well-equipped to respond and act accordingly in any possible situation. We do not provide you, simply, with a body in a uniform. We do not blindly appoint people supplied by agencies and believe they are capable of doing what is expected from the client and ourselves. Instead, we employ individuals who understand the business of our clients and know what they are doing and why they are doing it. We have loyal and dedicated trained professionals, installing, monitoring and responding to your security needs. All officers are licenced and accredited.

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